Sunday, October 10, 2021

Yves Cheron Gigondas, 2018

I couldn't resist trying this Yves Cheron Gigondas offered as a wine-by-the-glass at Every Day People Cafe in Douglas. It was a good choice to accompany the heavenly seared pork belly entree. This is one of our favorite dining spots in SW Michigan.

Deep and dark. Initial sniffs and tastes told me it was a New World take on an Old World classic. Big, fat and impenetrable. With a few minutes of airing, the old Gigondas traits began to come through. Dark fruit, tobacco, licorice and hints of talc and non-oak-derived vanilla. Gets better and better throughout the meal. Multi-dimensional and not at all heavy. I would be happy to wait five or more years for this wine to come around, but it is enjoyable tonight.

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