Monday, October 25, 2021

Casa Santos Lima Confidencial Reserva Tinto Lisboa, 2017

If you are looking for inexpensive, high quality wines, Portugal is one of your best sources. This excellent red from the Lisboa appellation around Lisbon is a good buy at its regular price, about $15 a bottle, and Costco in Kalamazoo has it on the shelves for $6.99!

Very dark, bluish. Even though the label speaks of "traditional fermentation techniques," the long maceration and oak aging also mentioned are really modern and international. From the time the cork is popped, the wine gushes with red berry scents, very ripe red raspberries. Flavors are sumptuously ripe, with a toasty element, but carried by acidity that keeps you coming back for more. On the second night, the tannins are more evident. This is a wine to buy and enjoy now. But if you buy more  than you can drink right away, be aware that it may go into a mute period for a few years before emerging with greater depth and complexity.

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