Thursday, April 8, 2021

Careglio Roero DOCG, 2010

The hilly vineyards of Roero are situated just across the Tanaro River from Alba and, as a result, very close to Barolo. This wine is 100% Nebbiolo and is also very close to Barolo in personality, although without Barolo's characteristic power...and also its lofty price tag.

Looks like Nebbiolo: medium light garnet. Smells like Nebbiolo: violets, cherries, spice and dark minerals. Captivating smells and flavors with a charming rather than aggressive personality. Medium bodied without the hard tannins you might find in a Barolo of the same age. But there is excellent acidity and, I suspect, good aging potential over the next decade or maybe even longer. The beauty of Barolo without the power. I like it.

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