Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Vinum Langhe Rosso, 2010

In the distant past, when times were hard in the Piedmont, it is rumored than Barolo producers would often add a bit of Barbera to the mix to get a darker color and a more accessible tannic structure. Today, as Barolo has taken its place as one of the top wines in the world, such a practice would be considered disgraceful. Barolo (and Barbaresco) must be 100% Nebbiolo. This wine, a blend of 50% Nebbiolo and 50% Barbera, sells for less than half the price of Barolo. Yet there is no denying its incredible charm. Beautiful deep ruby with minimal orange tones that are typical of Nebbiolo. The bouquet, though, is as Nebbiolo as anyone would want. Lilting scents of flowers, ripe cherries, dark spices and a hint of clove. These carry over to the flavors and there is no tannic wall to keep them from flowing freely from the front to the back of the mouth. If barriques have been used in aging, I can't find any evidence. The Vinum Langhe Rosso is a beautiful wine for drinking now, and I suspect that it will keep going for at least five more yeajrs.

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