Saturday, January 30, 2021

Luca Bosio Truffle-Hunter Leda Barbera d'Asti, 2018

Noting "truffle" on the label, I can't help but dream about the wonderful smells and tastes of truffles and other mushrooms. And that's what I smell when I first open the bottle. And, of course, I also smell all the other Barbera goodies: ripe cherries, slightly unripe red berries and a bit of earth. This wine is very approachable and easy to drink. Good acid, smooth tannins, rich flavors that fill the mouth. We are drinking it right after finishing off a few ounces of the more expensive wines from Thursday's wine tasting (see below). As one wise wine professional put it, when you taste an expensive wine side by side with an inexpensive one, it's the cheap wine that always tastes better.

I believe that Truffle Hunter Barbera is still available for $10 to $12 at D&W in Kalamazoo.

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