Friday, May 17, 2019

Domaine du Haut des Terres Blanches, 1994

Image result for domaine du haut des terres blanches 1994I have had two very disappointing bottles of the 1998 from Domaine du Haut des Terres Blanches, but this 1994 may be even better than the last bottle I opened a few years ago.

The color is a light brickish red. Grenache, which oxidizes early, is about 80% of the blend, and this is actually the strength of this Chateauneuf du Pape. A good portion of the Grenache comes from old vineyards in La Crau, one of the best areas of the appellation. The nose takes a few minutes to adjust to the 21st century but then becomes classic--menthol, dried cherries, herbs and sea salt. The flavors are beautiful from the first sip: intense, multi-layered with sweetish fruit and a long finish. Probably because of my negative experience with the 1998, this wine did not make the short list for my 80th birthday. But I'm sure it will be in line for #81.

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