Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chateau d'Angludet Margaux, 1981

When I notice signs of a leaking bottle in my cellar, I drink it up right away. Except for a slight ullage (low neck of the bottle), this wine did not show any signs of leakage until I removed the top of the capsule and found a cork that was soft and almost completely saturated. I may have waited too long on this one, I thought. But my worries were quickly dispelled.

The color is a mature brick red, and initial smells are slightly medicinal. After the first few minutes, though, I am perfectly happy. Lilting Margaux scents of violets, cherries, leather and exotic spices. Flows very smoothly along the palate. Pure and clean with no sharp edges. The finish is medium long and pleasant. Showing its age, but so am I. Nothing wrong with that. A good dinner wine.

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