Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pierre Bise Anjou Blanc, 2001

I drank this inexpensive Anjou Blanc with great pleasure through most of the 1990s and bought four cases (for about $40 a case) for my daughter's wedding in 2005. I am well aware of the value of this wine, and apparently the domaine has also come to this conclusion, asking $78 a bottle for the current vintage. It is a special dry Chenin Blanc wine, at least as good as most Savennieres.

Deep gold by now, showing its maturity. Also maturity on the nose but that's a plus with this wine. Honey, red berries, incredible depth and concentration. Same on the palate. This is very much like drinking a red wine. You can't just sip and forget; you have to savor the greatness of Loire Chenin Blanc, well grown and well made. Alas, my last bottle.

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