Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Les Trois Couronnes Gigondas, 2007

I had some really good things to say about this wine when I last had it in February of 2015. Tonight: not so much. The wine is nearly two years older and may have declined. But I'm more inclined to attribute the difference to bottle variation. I have had five or six bottles of this Gigondas (all purchased at the same time from the same source), and every experience has been different.

The wine tonight has good color, is medium bodied and has decent plum-like fruit. I think I described the last bottle as "Syrah flavors wrapped in Pinot Noir"--pretty much what Gigondas is about. Power and beauty. This bottle has none of that complexity or excitement. Good enough to drink but not worth spending much time with. Some of the 14.5% alcohol is beginning to show on the mid-palate and finish. Maybe the wine has started its decline. But based on the bottle variation I have experienced, I would not advise anyone to either drink soon or hold.

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