Friday, March 11, 2016

Musso Barbaresco Pora, 1993 (revisited)

My wife and I ordinarily share half a bottle of wine a night. For the second night, I reduce the excess air by using the Vacu-Vin so that the wine is still relatively fresh for the second night. Because this is a Nebbiolo (even a very mature Nebbiolo), I decided to skip the Vacu-Vin and let the wine continue to aerate for 24 hours. It was a good idea.

The pretty floral scents are less noticeable tonight; but they are still there along with dark cherry, chocolate and smokey old wood. The flavors, though, have come alive. Very powerful and concentrated Nebbiolo, still somewhat tannic and very much alive. Last night, I speculated that this wine may have been better a few years ago. Tonight, I think it might even benefit from a few more years. Musso is a very good source of old fashioned Barbaresco.

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