Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sabrego Valdeorras Godello, 2010

This wine is all about minerality. The wine has a good fruit presence but I have a hard time identifying any particular fruit or type of fruit. What stands out in the wonderfully complex aroma/flavor profile are minerals, flowers, spices, tree nuts...and more minerals. Minerality is a popular word these days, and some wine writers say there is no such thing. Maybe I'm just referring  to something I like very much but cannot find a word to describe. So be it.

The color is a medium gold, and the wine has a viscosity similar to that of a big Chardonnay or an Alsace Pinot Gris. For 13.5% alcohol, it has considerable power and bite but without sacrificing any of its, yes, mineral charms. We really like this wine--enough to pay the original $14.99 asking price at World Market. When the price came down to $7.49 and then to $6.79, we liked it even more.

Incidentally, the Spanish word, Sabrego means "granite," and the vines are planted on granitic soil. The wine is produced as a joint venture by Bodega Rafael Palacios of Valdeorras and his American importer, Eric Solomon.

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