Saturday, June 29, 2013

Delas Saint Esprit Cotes du Rhone, 2007

The last bottle of this I opened had flavors that danced on the tongue; this bottle, not so much. That's a problem I have with wine; when I catch one in its shining moment, I cling to the few that I have, hoping they'll get even better. Inevitably, I wait too long. This bottle is by no means bad; it's just not as exciting as it could have been had I opened it a few months earlier.

The color has lightened up a bit; looks mature. Syrah scents of blackberries and cassis. Some black pepper on the palate. All good, but a bit more muted than last bottle. Good fruit charm but I would call it mellow now rather intense. This was the 10th bottle of a case so all is not lost. I now know this wine's maturity curve.

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