Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Domaine les Rouesses Reuilly, 2008

Reuilly, a small Sauvignon Blanc appellation in the Loire Valley, has been known as the poor man's Sancerre but I paid more for this Reuilly than I usually pay for Sancerre. It's a unique face of Loire Sauvignon, and I believe it was worth the premium.

Golden color. Fresh aromas of gooseberry, melon and mint--mellow but still well defined and focused. On the palate, it's particularly rich and round. That seems to be defining trait of Reuilly. There are some drinkers who just do not like the aggressiveness of Sauvignons from Sancerre, and I think they would appreciate Reuilly.

As for price, I always like the poor man idea. At $10 or $12, rather than $23, I would buy a lot of Reuilly.

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