Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chateau Candulon St. Julien, 1983

I've never been able to find out much about Chateau Candulon,  but the label indicates that it is in St. Julien. As I remember, the wine was available in the mid 1980s for a good price--$8 to $10--at Village Corner in Ann Arbor, and I  bought several bottles for mid-term drinking. As I got more and more interested in Rhone wines, the Candulon sat on the shelves longer than I planned. Every time I open a bottle, as tonight, I do so with the assumption that the wine will be several years over the hill. Every time, as tonight, I am pleasantly surprised.

Good deep, dark color. I can't find any browning or  bricking. And the bouquet is similarly well preserved: Cabernet currant; Merlot cherries and tea. Medium body, focused flavors. Everything as it should be. This is not a "wow" wine; it does not have the personality of a Gruaud Larose or Leoville Barton; but it is a very serviceable dinner wine for every day drinking or serving to guests. Again and again, I discover that you don't have to spend big money to get ageworthy Bordeaux wines.


  1. Fred - I'd love to send you a bottle of a fantastic Bordeaux that we've just started importing into the US. It would fit your blog profile perfectly. Let me know where to email you the information. Cheers, Shae

    1. Thanks Shae. My email address is at the top of the blog, fredmctaggart@gmail.com. All of the wines I've reported on so far are ones I have bought for myself for nightly drinking. My posts are not intended to be critical reviews but rather reports of my experience based on my tastes. I see no reason not to report on wines sent to me as long as I reveal that information.