Saturday, July 21, 2012

SeaGlass Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir, 2010

If this is what Santa Barbara Pinot Noir is all about, I'm ready to hop on the Sideways bandwagon. It's not as complex as red Burgundy or Anderson Valley Pinot, nor as flamboyant as its Oregon cousins. But the Pinot qualities are unmistakable.

The fruit is very bright--ripe cherries plus Pinot spice and pepper. Has that haunting wild berry quality that makes Pinot Noir unique. More peppery than your typical Pinot Noir, but I like this trait. Very ripe, very clean on the palate. Invites another glass. It's difficult to find Pinot Noir this good for under $15. At $10.99 (D&W Markets in Kalamazoo), it's a very good buy.

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