Monday, March 12, 2012

Mount Langi Ghiran Langi Shiraz, 1989

I opened this wine in memory of the late Trevor Mast; 1989 was, I believe, his second vintage after buying Mount Langi Ghiran, and he considered the vintage a good one. I had a case of the 1989 and remember the lovely black pepper qualities that emerged during the first five years or so of its life. I haven't opened a bottle in recent years and am pleasantly surprised by the development.

The color is a deep, dark ruby with plenty of crusty sediment left on one side of the bottle. Wonderfully mature and aromatic Syrah; reminds me of a Hermitage la Chapelle of comparable age. Fresh berries and cassis. The black pepper has integrated into the fruit smells but still has a presence. Very much a French Hermitage. On the palate, it's full bodied, but oh so silky smooth and elegant--has the texture of a special wine. More acid lift and less thickness than your typical Aussie Shiraz, and that's to its credit, in my opinion. Hints of Provencal olives on the lovely ripe finish. Thank you, Trevor.

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  1. Vintage wine is always best. After reading your description, it made me want to go down to my wine cellar and open one of my many stocked vintage bottles. *sigh*