Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nine Walks Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2010

Wow! Jalapeno peppers in spades. Green chile peppers are an accepted part of the New Zealand Sauvignon aroma/flavor profile. When I first tried the well regarded Cloudy Bay Sauvignon several years ago, I was overwhelmed by the smell of green bell peppers, but this Nine Walks bottle leans more toward the waxy, hot and spicy aromas of jalapeno and Santa Cruz peppers. It can be quite enjoyable if you like that sort of thing, and, for my taste, this wine is much less offputting than the more prestigious and expensive Cloudy Bay. I also get lime and fresh green berry smells plus a strong minty finish. Zingy, peppery and green. A New Zealand version of Vinho Verde? Donna likes it, and she's the one drinking the white wine tonight. I'll buy more. I strongly suspect the zingy jalapeno smells will become less aggressive with a few months in the bottle.

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