Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le Bois de la Tour, Haut Poitu Sauvignon, 2009

Not a Sancerre or a Pouilly Fume; just a generic Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc that is available for about $10 a bottle at Tiffany's in Kalamazoo. Actually, Haut Poitu is located a few miles south of the Loire appellation, but this wine has the qualities you would expect from a Touraine or Anjou Sauvignon.

Light yellow with glints of green. Still young and aggressive./ Smells of passion fruit leap from the glass; these, believe it or not, are another facet of the "cat pee" smells traditionally associated with Sauvignon Blanc. I prefer to think of Passion Fruit, myself. Now gooseberries, mint and citrus. /Very tart and aggressive, as generic Loire Sauvignons often are. Don't try drinking this wine with dessert or you will get lockjaw. Crisp, refreshing flavors. Lots of Loire character for a good price.

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