Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chateau de Plaisance Savennieres,1999

At a recent wine sale at Tiffany's Wine Cellar in Kalamazoo, this wine stood out to me as a special bargain. But then Savennieres is nearly always a bargain because so few American wine drinkers really appreciate the beauty of a traditionally made dry Chenin Blanc.

Loire Valley Chenin Blanc ages beautifully, so I was delighted to find a white wine that, at 12 years of age, is just coming into its own. The color is a medium deep yellow, and the aromas and flavors show maturity but not age. Peach, melon, honey, walnuts--very complex and full, as I expected. Very honeyed, leaves a trail of lovely Chenin Blanc flowers all the way from front to back with a proper amount of walnut hull bitterness on the finish to counter the sweet, peachy fruit. More honey, minerals, loads of depth and flavor interest. This is a wine to spend an evening with--so much to discover. If you're looking for a sweet, buttery, vanilla-laced cocktail wine, this wine is not for you. But I'm heading back for more, and I'll put a few away for future enjoyment.

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