Saturday, September 11, 2010

Edna Valley Vineyards Edna Valley Paragon Vineyard Chardonnary, 2005

This is another wine that was lost in the cellar (though not in the beer fridge). Edna Valley is a well priced Chardonnay ($10/bottle) that I buy periodically. I am currently drinking the 2007 vintage, but this 2005 was found under some other bottles in the cellar. Experience told me it should be opened sooner rather than later, and I was right.

The white peach, floral quality of Edna Valley fruit has been completely replaced by mainly oak traits--brown butter, lime and coconut. Those who like oak more than I do can still enjoy this wine, but for quality and authentic personality, I'll take the 2004 Pinot Grigio from Gaetano d'Aquino (a $3 wine lost in the beer fridge for five years) any day.

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