Monday, June 28, 2010

Domaine Daulny Sancerre, 2005

I know: Sancerre and other Sauvignon Blanc wines are meant to be drunk young. Nevertheless, I know from experience that I like Domaine Daulny with a few years of bottle age. I had a bottle of this 2005 soon after it was released and enjoyed its brisk, mineral-laden fruit. Today, I love it even more for its elegant personality.

The color is medium to light yellow. The cutting edges of Sauvignon are gone, and the aromas and flavors have developed a beautiful complexity--lemon/lime, honeydew melon and minerals. For my taste, this is really at its prime--dances on the tongue. It's a serious wine but has a refreshing quality that goes nicely with a brunch of smoked salmon, dill, bacon and roasted new potatoes with goat cheese scones.

Rarely over $18 a bottle, Domaine Daulny (this regular cuvee or the Clos Chaudenay) is a good value Sancerre that never disappoints.

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