Monday, September 14, 2009

MezzaCorona Pinot Grigio Vigneti delle Dolomiti, 2008

Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio is one of the best white wine values I know. Ordinarily priced at $8.99, it is often discounted and was on sale for $6.99 for most of the summer at D&W FreshMarket in Kalamazoo. I didn't buy in quantity because, even though the wine keeps well, I like it best when it's very young. Fortunately, the wines put on sale this year were not leftovers from the warehouse but the current vintage.

The color is a medium light yellow, and the nose is vibrant with smells of fresh pear, melon, citrus, mint and basil. In the mouth, it's medium bodied with a racy acidity and a pleasingly intense finish. I drank the wine with a spicy Malaysian curry from Chin Chin in Mattawan, Michigan. It would also be good on its own or with vegetarian fare.


  1. Fred,

    I agree with you on the 2008 MezzaCorona PG. The owner of my old shop picked up the 2007 and tried to get rid of it. Some things should just not be made! Either the wine was cooked or just flawed. After I yelled at him for bringing in 100 cases of the 1.5L, wine was on sale for $11 and there is still around 65 cases...that was 6 months ago. I thought there was a reason why I was brought in but hey, its his money.

    Check back to my notes after friday, I'm doing a WA cult/high-end cali cab tasting on friday night. Should be interesting to see what does not make the cut.


  2. Hey Santo, I checked out your site and liked it a lot. I've added it to my list of favorites and will check back there often. I like your palate, your no-nonsense style and your mix of wines--young and old.

  3. I know I'm "piping in" late into this post...but a good friend introduced me to the PG - for the price, it is amazing - I bought the last bottle at a wine shop for 6.99/bottle, hunting to find it in other NJ locations... honestly, I'd pay much more than that... I love it!

  4. I've paid twice the price for a PG and been less satisfied. For my taste, though, this wine is best young when it has all the herbal notes in a fresh package.