Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chateau la Canorgue Cotes du Luberon, 1999

The last time I posted a note on this wine [January 14, 2008], I reported that it was doing quite well at 9 years of age. Tonight, I discovered that the wine is doing even better 10 years after the vintage date. But, alas, this is my last bottle of a wine I bought for $8.99 nearly a decade ago.

The color is deep and dark, and there is sediment at the bottom. La Canorgue is 100% organic and biodynamic with no filtration. The cepage is reportedly 70 percent Syrah, 30 percent Grenache with just a touch of Carignane, but it smells and tastes to me as if it has some Mourvedre. Maybe it's just the sunny Provencal climate, but it has a lovely red and purple berry spiciness that reminds me of Mourvedre in its prime. From bouquet to finish, this wine is full of fruit charm, with the just the right amount of ripeness.

The 2005 La Canorgue is available for $14.99 at Village Corner in Ann Arbor. If I knew it would age as nicely as this 1999, I would snap it up.


  1. This wine is juicy, fruit forward, with white peach, meyer lemon and creamy pear. It is balanced by acid that makes it clean and refreshing.This wine pairs well with Cuban cigars which are the Best Cigars in the world.

  2. You're drinking a different wine than I am, Harry. My la Canorgue is a red wine.

    As for cigars, no thanks. From a wine taster's point of view, tobacco smoke dulls the senses. From any other point of view, smoking is downright unhealthy.