Thursday, April 2, 2009

Les Clefs d'Or Chateauneuf du Pape, 1989

From a half bottle (375ml), I expected this wine to be a little more advanced than other 1989 Chateauneufs I've tried. In fact, it was showing very well.

Compared to the 2004 l'Espigouette Plan de Dieu beside it, the color is much deeper and darker with some garnet tones. The aromas are surprisingly similar to the Beaucastel I had two nights ago--dark cherries, herbs, violets and leather. Good depth. On the palate, it's not Beaucastel but very good with a full range of savory tones. Medium body with a good mid-palate presence and a long finish.

Les Clefs d'Or is not a very well known Chateauneuf du Pape, but I have found it be a very reliable estate and an excellent value.


  1. I splurged, Fred, and bought a 2006 St. Cosme Gigondas the Le Claux cuvee. I opened it Thursday night and the bouquet was quite nice, but I expected it to open up more by now. Was that realistic? Any thoughts? Suggestions?


  2. One thing you're paying for, Eric, with higher appellations is greater staying power and potential. Aeration might help a bit, but I imagine this wine simply needs more aging.

  3. You were right, Fred. I tried hte old penny trick, and the tannins came out and did a dance!


  4. Drop a penny in the glass and the hard tannins are supposed to soften. It never has worked too well for me.

    There is also a metallic device you can buy (it's expensive--about $100) that presumably ages the wine one year for every second you leave it in the glass. I haven't tried it, but somehow these tricks never seem to work too well for me. And I have too many aged wines and not enough new shiny ones anyway.