Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chiusa Grande Tommolo Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, 2006

This is a Trader Joe's wine recommended by Jason's Wine Blog. Jason and I agree on most of the TJ Italian selections, including this one.

The color is a deep, dark ruby red. Aromas and flavors are sleek and sophisticated with notes of dark cherries, herbs and flowers. It's medium bodied, a nice dinner wine in the mode of an inexpensive Bordeaux. Flavors are persistent and fruit-oriented, ripe but with a firm structure from the grape peels. I don't detect any new oak influence. On the second night, it was just as good, maybe a little better, but this is not a wine for the cellar. It's drinking nicely right now.

I believe I paid $5.99 for this wine, an excellent value, although there are many good values--even the high production Citra--from the Montepulciano appellation.


  1. Do you cook, as well, Fred? I started drinking wine with Citra in the nineties, and it was more tannic then, but I was astonished at how food friendly it was. And cheap!


  2. I didn't say it was a great wine, and I've only had it once or twice. But I thought it was a decent value--better than anything from Gallo or Carlo Rossi.

    What I don't like about jug wines from California (and from Italy) is that they tend to be too sweet.

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