Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sancerre La Moussiere Alphonse Mellot, 2000

I ordinarily don't keep Sauvignon Blanc wines this long, but this Sancerre is clearly no worse for a few extra years in the cellar. It's a medium light gold with impressive brilliance. Enchanting nose of mint, melon and other cool Sauvignon qualities. Honey takes over as the wine airs. Very high class. On the palate, this wine is special--silky smooth all the way back; slender and billowing with flavor. Dances lightly on the tongue and then lingers for several seconds.

The Mellot family have been producing wines in Sancerre since 1513, and La Moussiere is one of their favored vineyards. Some of the wine apparently is aged in new oak, but it's not to be detected--adding seasoning, no doubt, but without dominating the finished product.

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