Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Domaine de Marotte Cotes du Ventoux Cuvee Eline, 2001

My last bottle of Cuvee Eline [March 13, 2008] showed much better than this one. The majority of Ventoux wines are made for very early drinking. When this wine was young, it showed the potential to be a keeper, but seven years' aging is pushing it, even for Cuvee Eline.

The color still looks good, and the bouquet is lovely with deep scents of red and black berries. On the palate, though, the alcohol is beginning to dominate the fruit, creating somewhat disjointed flavors and a slightly harsh finish.

After spending the night in the refrigerator, this wine showed much better on the second day. A little bit of cooling put the alcohol back in its place while accenting the fruit tannins. On the third night, the wine was still okay so it's not dying, just fading away.

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