Saturday, July 17, 2021

Domaine les Hautes Cances Cairanne Tradition, 2007

When this wine was first released, Rhone critic John Livingstone-Learmouth ( listed it as "promising" with a best drinking date of "2020 or so." It is still dark and robust but seems to have a flaw of some sort.

When first opened, I got intense scents that reminded me of good Cairanne. Upon closer examination, though, a funky, somewhat borsey smell emerged--not  entirely bad but too much for Donna (and probably most other wine drinkers). Flavors were okay, but there was a metallic edge that might also indicate brett. Even though the wine is now 14 years of age, I don't think these traits are associated with advanced age or poor storage. With age, though, a level of brett that may have been attractive in youth has now become less palatable. I bought the wine, one bottle, at auction so don't have to worry about future disappointments.

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