Thursday, May 27, 2021

Willamette Valley Vineyards Tualatin Estate White Pinot Noir, 2019

As a wine lover, the Covid-19 pandemic has actually given me some positive experiences. Through Zoom, I have not only enjoyed tastings and dinners with my local wine group (Tasters Guild/American Wine Society) but have also been able to taste with Anne Trimbach in Alsace, Maria Abonna in Barolo and Madeline Triffon of Plum Market Ann Arbor. An American Wine Society tasting with Jim Bernau, founder of Willamette Valley Vineyards in Oregon led me to buy 350 shares of WVV Preferred stock and get the benefits of ownership, including an online tasting of the WVV Winemaker's Collection. First on the list was this excellent white Pinot Noir from Tualatin Estate.

Grapes are fully mature, 100% Pinot Noir from the Tualatin Estate, pressed lightly to avoid extraction of the red Pinot color. The result is a wine very much like a very fine unoaked Chardonnay. Light color. Peach and citrus as well as strawberry. Medium body with the texture and richness of a red wine. Pinot spice on finish. This wine was my second favorite from the tasting.  Notes on other wines will follow.

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