Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Villadoria Bricco Magno Langhe Nebbiolo, 2015

The winemaker identifies this Langhe Nebbiolo as an "international style wine," best for drinking after two years in the bottle. It is aged initially in small oak barrels and then moved to barrels of various sizes.

After five years in the bottle, the color is what you might expect from a traditionally made wine, rusty red with orange tints. Aromas are slow to develop and never quite express the best qualities of the grape. Subdued notes of violets and vanilla. On the palate, Nebbiolo exerts itself. Concentrated, full body, rich texture. Dark cherries, balsamic, black licorice. Medium finish. 

2015 was a forward vintage in the Piedmont, but this wine is not as forward as a 2015 Franco Serra Langhe Nebbiolo I had last year. Despite the "international style," I would be inclined to wait a bit longer on this wine.

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