Sunday, August 6, 2017

Terra di Briganti Sannio Aglianico, 2007

The Wine Enthusiast used terms such as "thin," "easy,""frank" and "upfront" to describe this Aglianico from the Sannio area of Campania. On the first night, I agreed. It was thin, almost tart but very enjoyable with tomato-based pasta. On the second night, the wine became much more serious. Sour and sweet cherries, flowers and spice. Very aromatic. Very complex. On the palate, the tartness of the first night is now depth and concentration. Clings and pleases. Long finish.

Aglianico is often called the Nebbiolo of the South, and this wine has the firm tannins and high acidity of a good Barolo. It is now 10 years old but just beginning to open up. Wish I had more.

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