Friday, September 2, 2016

Ca del Baio Pian Rosa Barbaresco, 2008

Even though this Barbaresco is a 2008, I suspected it was too young to drink, and I was right. But I have several bottles and wanted to see how it is developing. And what I have to report is good: give it another two to four years, and it will be singing.

It's got that orangeish-amber color that is typical of traditional Nebbiolo. It hasn't seen any new oak barriques, and I am happy about that. From the first sniff, the aromas are lovely. Rose petals, red berry fruit. And with three hours of aeration, those smells get broader and more powerful. On the palate, it's even slower to open. The finish is tannic and also high in acid--tar rather black licorice. On the second night, though, some deep cherry flavors begin to emerge. And lots of complexity. This wine is already very good but will get much better.

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