Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bergadano Langhe Nebbiolo, 2008

This is the wine that turned me back toward the wines of the Piedmont. I bought it for about $10 at Binny's in Chicago, hoping to re-live some fading memories of Barolos and Barbarescos I had during the 1980s. Probably produced from younger vines and excess produce that would otherwise go into a Barolo, this Langhe Nebbiolo from Bergadano is impressive.

Still deep and dark but with hints of the orangeish tones that are the trademark of Nebbiolo. One whiff takes my mind immediately to Barolo--very floral with dark tones of licorice. Tar and roses, as they say. Beautiful. Dark cherries, sweet but not too sweet. Leaves the palate bone dry after a satisfying fruit experience. Now the dark tones again. More powerful in mouth feel than Barbarescos I have had recently but just as subtle in its own way.

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