Sunday, August 9, 2015

Domaine Galevan Paroles de Femme Cotes du Rhone, 2011

Coralie Goumarre of Domaine Galevan markets her wines as having a woman's touch. But really that is nothing new in the Southern Rhone. Nearly all of my favorite wines from that region are made by women: Laurence Feraud of Domaine Pegau, Corinne Couturier of Rabasse Charavin and Veronique Cunty-Peysson of Font-Sane. This is my first taste of Domaine Galevan, a wine I purchased through Garagiste.

Deep crimson. Beautiful color. Takes awhile to open; that's probably because of 20% Mourvedre in the blend. Violets and tree bark. Also berries, spice and a bit of peppercorn. More subtle than most CDRs. Not at all soft and simple but hard to pin down in terms of descriptors. Firm middle palate and finish. I'd like to taste this wine again in a year or two.

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