Sunday, May 24, 2015

St. Hallett Barossa Gamekeeper's Red, 2010

At a wine dinner at Oakwood Bistro in Kalamazoo, Donna and I had the good fortune to share a table with the St. Hallett winemaker, Stuart Blackwell. This was the least expensive wine that Stuart presented to us that night, but he made it clear that it was one of his favorites. And he had confidence in its aging ability.

The wine is a combination of Shiraz (61%), Grenache (32%) and Touriga Nationale (7%). As an experiment, it was aged on its lees but without new oak. And the result is impressive.

Very dark, Shiraz, Touriga color. Black fruit, peppery, still young. Round, full and tannic. I'm searching for the Grenache red berry, and it may take more time to emerge. For now, the darker grapes dominate. As the wine airs, more peppery qualities emerge--some Syrah, some Grenache. And the finish becomes increasingly friendly and open. Yes, I think that's the Grenache speaking. I like this wine and have a few more bottles to enjoy a few years down the road.

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