Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kahlkahl Pamies Loriza Minervois, 2011

The Languedoc is France's largest wine growing region, and production from that appellation is three times that of Bordeaux and more than all of Australia. With such a huge supply and not much knowledge to drive demand, prices have until recently been outrageously low. For several years, I have been able to buy well chosen bottles of Minervois from Village Corner in Ann Arbor and D&W Markets in southwest Michigan--often for $3 a bottle or less. I have no problem with the recent increase in prices; these wines are worth exploring. But I have been spoiled, and when Jon Rimmerman of Garagiste raved about this wine and offered it for $16.79, I was expecting something amazing. In fact, it is in line with other Minervois wines I have had--incredibly good for $3 or even $10 but somewhat pedestrian for $16.79.

Very dark color but no other sign of new oak or barriques. Plums, berries, spice and peppercorn on the finish. Sturdy and full bodied with a rich mouthfeel. I suspect the alcohol level is somewhat high, but the label provides only a ball park figure: 11 to 14%.

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