Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chalone Vineyards Monterrey County Chardonnay, 2004

When I bought this wine (at auction), I was under the impression that it was the Chalone Estate Chardonnay which could be expected to age very well over 10 years or longer. When I learned it was the Monterey County bottling instead, I was disappointed and decided it was a drink now rather than a cellar wine. Actually, it was showing very well.

Deep gold but not overly so./ Very much in line with Monterrey County Chardonnay fruit. Tropical fruit smells--pineapple, citrus and nectarine. Ripe./ Flavors are tangy as well as ripe. Creamy mouthfeel; leesy qualities. Very much a California Chardonnay but good concentration and enough acid to keep it lively.

Chalone's Monterrey County bottling usually sells for about $17; the estate bottling, for $27. I bought this at auction for $10, and other buyers were probably wary about spending even that much on a 10-year-old Chardonnay. I think I came out okay.

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