Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gaetano d'Aquino Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, 2013

Whenever I visit a Trader Joe's store, I always pick up a bottle or two of this Pinot Grigio. At $3.99, it's one of the least expensive wines in the store--or any other wine outlet. When I open the bottle, I always wonder why I didn't buy a dozen. It is a truly enjoyable Pinot Grigio, particularly in the 2013 vintage.

Very light color. I smell pears, grapefruit, minerals, herbs--fresh and lively. It dances lightly on the tongue but leaves behind substantial flavor interest. Good balance of fruit and acid. And, as always, a pleasantly bitter finish. A wine for enjoying on the deck, with appetizers or with a serious dinner. (Do I dare to open a $3.99 wine?)

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