Saturday, July 5, 2014

Boroli Nebbiolo d'Alba, 2004

Tasted alongside the 1993 Musso Barbaresco Pora, this wine showed another face of Nebbiolo. The color is several shades darker, although there are some orange tones around the edges. The bouquet is much slower to open. Dark and bold, more like Barolo than Barbaresco. Dark cherries, licorice, roses. Has that clinging concentration on the palate that leads many tasters to note that the wine is "very dry." British critics often talk about "fruit drying up on the palate," but I believe that this dryness is not because of any weakness in the fruit but rather because of strong tannins combined with the high acidity of Piedmont Nebbiolo. On the second night, the fruit concentration became even more apparent. Wish I had another bottle or two.

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