Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Les Trois Couronnes Cotes du Rhone, 2010

Only about a decade ago, I could find at least half a dozen Cotes du Rhone wines, all selling for under $10 and all very much to my liking. Now many of these wines are selling for $14 to $15, and some are aged in new oak barriques that detract from their traditional charm. In some stores today, this is the only under-$10 CDR, and it's all too easy to dismiss it as a "cheap" wine. In  fact, it's very good.

Berries, black pepper, spice, tobacco--old fashioned Cotes du Rhone but with considerable elegance. Nice acid structure, well balanced and finely focused. Bright and lively with a long finish.This 2010 is perfect for drinking right now, although the Les Trois Couronnes on the shelves right now is the 2012.

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