Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pierre Bise Anjou Blanc, 2001

I bought several cases of this wine for about $5 a bottle for my daughter's wedding in 2005. It was the best white wine I could find for $10 a bottle or less. But that was eight years ago, and I had mixed feelings when I found three more bottles while I was doing an inventory of the cellar. Tonight, I popped the cork and WOW! Wish I had more.

A dark gold color reveals its age, and in other respects the wine is unabashedly mature. Mature but not old, and I don't know if this wine will ever taste old. Powerful bouquet--apricots, honey, nutmeg. Any notes of oxidation you can find here are all part of the winemaker's grand plan in order to bring out the complexities of the Chenin Blanc grape. It's not just a pretty face. Full bodied and deep on the palate. Lots of tannin for a white wine--all from the skins. Long, rich finish. Reminds me of the 1969 Coteaux du Layon I had a few weeks ago but dry rather than sweet. I think there is some botrytis here. The simple Anjou Blanc is at least as good as most Savennieres I've had.

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