Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Manzanita Creek Chalk Hill Chardonnay Foothill Vineyards, 2010

This Chalk Hill Chardonnay was opened nearly a week ago and the remaining portion has been sitting, re-corked, in the refrigerator. Tonight, for curiosity, I tried it side-by-side with the excellent Gilbert Picq Vaucopin (see below) and was impressed. It's not nearly as good as the Premier Cru Chablis, of course, and it's a very different wine. But it has a similar steely minerality and has held up remarkably well over the past week. It is one of the few New World Chardonnays I would feel comfortable cellaring.

Medium straw. Nothing stale or oxidized about this wine; still going strong. Flowers, lime and minerals. Earlier, I had suspected a heavy dose of new French oak contributed to the limey quality. Now, I feel it is the nature of the grape raised on the white, ashy soils of Chalk Hill. Fresh, well defined flavors.

World Market has been selling this wine for $9.99, and I am very happy to be buying it at that price.

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