Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snoqualmie Columbia Valley (Washington) Chardonnay, 2009

Previous bottles of this Chardonnay were just too toasty for my taste. So I opened a bottle to use for cooking, then, by mistake, left two thirds of a bottle uncorked in the refrigerator for three days. I assumed the wine would be terribly oxidized, but no! In fact, it's now a beauty. Intricate smells of fruit and flowers--citrus, pear, apple--come out from under the toasted oak. I learned later this wine has a small amount of Viognier (5.6%), and it certainly brings out the floral elements. Lovely.

I paid only $7.99 for the Snoqualmie and have several more bottles. I'm going to hang on to them for a year or so to get rid of that toasty element. And I'll look for more Snoqualmie wines.

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