Saturday, December 24, 2011

Domaine Sainte Anne Saint Gervais, 2000

When I google Domaine Sainte Anne, I keep getting my own blog posts. I must be this domaine's biggest fan in the whole wide world. But I'm certainly not ashamed of that. I love everything Domaine Sainte Anne produces, and this Saint Gervais in particular.

DSA's Saint Gervais is 60 percent Mourvedre, and the wonderful spiciness of mature Mourvedre is just beginning to show. The dominant trait, though, is the classic Sainte Anne blueberries and full cream trait--almost too fruity and too sweet for its own good but beginning to give way to the punget spiciness of Mourvedre. As I taste it alongside the Bergadano Langhe Nebbiolo, it's hard for me to believe two wines could be so different. But like two of my own children, I love both equally. The tannins are beginning to melt, and paradoxically the wine seems to be getting less ripe and more spicy with each sip. It's at a good stage and I see no sign that it's beginning to fade.

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