Saturday, September 10, 2011

Domaine Chaume-Arnaud Vinsobres, 2004

This is a wine I have visited several times over the past few years. While it's always been enjoyable, I always felt that it could stand some more time in the bottle. And now my patience seems to be paying off.

This wine is particularly deep and dark, although some of the blue tones are turning to bricky red./ Smells very much like a good Vacqueyras--black fruits, licorice, dark minerals, lavender. Also ripe cherries./ Also dark, Vacqueyras tones on the palate. That's a quality I like about Vinsobres, a less well known and less expensive appellation. At first, the alcohol (14%) seems to be a bit intrusive, but that's part of the package--big and powerful. With some time in the glass, however, the subtle qualities begin to emerge--deep, deep cherry with minerals and spice. Mmmm. A wine to sip and enjoy. Big on the finish but also very fruity. I think this wine is just on the verge of being special.

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