Saturday, March 26, 2011

Domaine Chaume-Arnaud Vinsobres, 2004

One thing I like about Southern Rhone reds is the broad window of drinkability. Most wines drink well from day one, then develop their unique aromas and flavors over the next five to seven years, sometimes longer. This wine, though, was a bit tight over the first two or three years and is only now beginning to express itself.

It's deep and dark, and the bouquet is typical of Vinsobres--blueberries, black fruits, licorice, herbs and minerals. Not as round as Cairanne, not as dark and aggressive as Rasteau, but somewhere in between. Considerable depth and complexity. There is some tannic angularity on the palate, but that softens on the second night. This wine gets my approval because it represents the personality of Vinsobres and Chaume-Arnaud.

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