Saturday, January 15, 2011

Domaine de Fabregues Languedoc Carignane, 2007

This wine caught my attention on the wine list at Rustica restaurant in downtown Kalamazoo. Sionce I love the earthy, spicy notes that Carignane contributes as part of the blend of many traditional Southern Rhone wines, I was anxious to see how the grape would perform in a leading role. That was what I was looking for; what I found was a very good international-styled wine that went quite well with my entree of braised lamb shanks...but very little of the varietal character I expected.

The wine is dark and full bodied with a silky texture but the aromas and flavors of Carignane are pretty much subdued by the oak. A nice wine but not the Carignane of my dreams, at least at this time.


  1. Dark full flavor wine is absolute nirvana when accompanied with a steak.

  2. I'm sure it would be very good with a steak. And it was very good with lamb shanks. It reminded me of a California or Columbia Valley Cab. And I guess that's why I was disappointed because I was looking for more Carignane character.