Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pierre Andre Bourgogne Chardonnay Reserve, 2005

This is my style of Chardonnay--taut acidity, understated Chardonnay fruit flavors and minerality that reflects its origins. At four years of age, it's still a medium light yellow so it probably hasn't been exposed to too much barrel aging--if indeed any at all. The fruit aromas are likewise fresh and lively--nearly ripe pears, citrus, green apples. In the mouth, the wine is medium to light bodied with acidity that reminds me of wines from more expensive Burgundian appellations such as Saint Aubin. There is a fruit and mineral element on the finish that is particularly intense and persistent. Mmmmm. I want more.

This wine was a great match for squash risotto but, on the second night, its relatively high acidity clashed terribly with over-ripe sweet corn.

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