Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Delas Saint Esprit Cotes du Rhone, 2007

The high percentage of Syrah (80%) in this Delas wine is not typical of Cotes du Rhone. It's unmistakeably Syrah--black raspberries, ripe plums and spices. But the style of wine is very much in the Cotes du Rhone mould, showcasing ripe fruit with just enough depth and complexity to keep you coming back for glass after glass. The mid-palate offers up a full range of flavors, and the finish is long and flavorful. Of all the 2007 Cotes du Rhones I've tasted so far, this is my favorite. It's perfect for drinking right now, and I feel confident it will continue to evolve for at least three or four years. For $10 or less a bottle, this wine is a steal.


  1. Fred, I enjoyed looking through your notes on wines from the southern rhone, and trying a few that I could readily get my hands on. The 07 Saint Esprit I had passed up, as I do most wines that RP rates 90, but tried it based on your comments. Glad I did. Very nice, though I did notice on the second day (maybe the same on the first day but I didn't notice) that it was very light in the aroma department. Even viscious swirling brought only faint odors from the glass. The balance, however, was wonderful. Great tasting Syrah.
    I also liked the Vieux Chene Friande, great value for 7.99, but I usually lose things in the cellar and therefore don't buy anything with a plastic cork. I may grab a few to take to Florida, where they will no doubt be consumed over the next 6 months.
    And of course the Sainte Anne. Went back for more of that one because I really do think it will improve over the next 3-5 years, and then be great for the next 3-5.
    I didn't see any reviews for Pesquie les Terasses. Russo's here has the 06 on sale for $110 a case. Love the earthiness of that one.

  2. Thanks, OW. The Delas has alredy gone through some significant changes. Dick Scheer of Village Corner likes this one even more than I do and seems to think it's one of the top 2007s he's had. I always like all of the Vieux Chene wines and the Friande is an excellent value. What is it about the plastic cork? Do they create problems with aging? From Sainte Anne, I bought half a case of the CDR and half a case of the CDR Villages from Village Corner in Ann Arbor for about $10 to $12. What is the price at Russo's? I don't get there often, but the Pesquie la Terrasse is a great deal. I might give them a call.

    Another CDR that Dick Scheer likes is the Tourade (both 2006 and 2007). I picked up a bottle last week but haven't tried it yet.