Sunday, December 28, 2008

Calatayud Old Vines Garnacha de Fuego, 2006

An $8.99 wine from Cost Plus World Market, this wine is a good match for black bean chili or carnitas with green sauce. There is something unique about Spanish Grenache. It's not as jammy as New World Grenache and it lacks the black pepper and garrigue qualities of Southern Rhone wines. As the name of this wine suggests, Spanish Garnacha has more of a fiery quality--not because of high alcohol but as part of the aroma/flavor profile. Tobacco, bulb flowers, underbrush and tart red berries with a spicy bite. It's a pleasant bite, similar to what you expect from the chili or the carnitas. A very enjoyable wine.


  1. I've had this wine several times, probably over several different vintages. I remember it most for the intense bacon fat flavor, the first time I really got that flavor in a wine, and it just about knocked me over. A great everyday wine.

  2. Okay, I can get the bacon fat now that you mention it.

    I agree that it is a very good every day wine--inexpensive enough to put on the table every night and with enough intensity and flavor interest to keep you coming back for more.